What is a vineyard?


Table grapes growing on vine in vineyard
(Image courtesy of USDA)

Vineyards are areas of land where grapes are grown. Grapes grow on vines that are supported by posts and wire known as trellises. Grapes remain on vines until they are ready to be picked or harvested.  

Grapes are grown based on their use. Some grapes are grown to be sold to food markets as table grapes. These are the grapes that you buy at the grocery store. Some grapes are grown to be sent to wineries to be made into wine. Other grapes are grown to be made into raisins. Raisins are simply grapes that are picked and dried in the sun until they shrivel up.

Vineyard activities include the following:

  • pruning the vines
  • picking the fruit
  • checking for insects (bugs)
  • planting new vines
  • repairing and making new trellises
  • training vines to trellises
  • pulling weeds

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