Uso de tubos de crecimiento (Using grow tubes)


Eric Stafne, Universidad Estatal de Misisipi

Abundancia de tubos de crecimiento en un viñedo recién plantado. Foto por Patty Skinkis, Universidad Estatal de Oregon.


Los tubos de crecimiento pueden ser una herramienta útil cuando las vides son jóvenes, consiguiendo un …


Molt: To shed a cuticle or exoskeleton during a growth phase.

Molt: To cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, that will be replaced by a new growth. In snakes, molting refers to “shedding the skin”. …

Spider Mites on Grapes

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Phil Mulder, Oklahoma State University

Spider mite infestation on underside of leaf. Photo by David Gent, USDA Agricultural Research Service, 

Symptoms and Monitoring

Feeding from spider mites may cause early-season discoloration (i.e., yellowing and bronzing) …

Patty Skinkis, Oregon State University

Dr. Patty Skinkis is the Viticulture Extension Specialist and Associate Professor at Oregon State University. Through her Extension program, she develops various programs to meet the needs of the statewide wine grape industry in Oregon. Patty has a Ph.D. in …