Wind Damage to Grapevines

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Eric Stafne, Mississippi State University

image:Wind damage.jpg image:Vineyard windbreak.jpg image:Wind damage-trellis collapse.jpg image:Wind damage-Poor fruit set.jpg

Wind damage on grapevines. From top left, going clockwise. Broken shoots caused by wind (Oklahoma). Windbreak planted near vineyard (Virginia). Poor fruit set and berry fertilization due to high wind (Russian River, California).

Aerial Root Formation in Grapevines

Eric Stafne, Mississippi State University

Aerial roots on grapevines.

image:Aerial rooting 1.jpg image:Aerial rooting 2.jpg

Aerial root formation in Vitis has been documented on different grape species; however, the driving forces behind the formation of adventitious roots are not well understood. In tropical areas and greenhouse …