The layer of cells between the inner bark and the wood (the xylem and phloem) of a tree, vine, or shrub. It is responsible for secondary growth (new wood and bark cells). The cambium lies just beneath the bark.


An organ on a plant stem consisting of overlapping immature leaves or petals within protective scales. In viticulture, a dormant bud contains a larger primary bud and two smaller secondary buds.

Flower and leaf buds on Prunus. GNU Free Documentation

American grape

Grapes native to North America. Include mustang grapes (Vitis mustangensis), muscadines and Scuppernongs (V. rotundifolia), fox grapes and Concords (V. labrusca), and riverbank or frost grapes (V. riparia), among others. American grapes

Bilateral cordon

Extensions of the trunk in the form of two permanent horizontal branches each supported by a wire, extending in opposite directions and from which fruiting positions originate. Examples are high cordon, with downward shoot orientation, and low cordon, with vertical


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